Massachusetts Casino Trends Survey Reveals Some Surprises

Massachusetts Casino Trends Survey Reveals Some Surprises

A survey of more than 3,000 New England residents conducted this week by the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth’s Center for Policy Analysis reveals some facts that are interesting Massachusetts’ casino-goer trends, and possibly those of the country as a whole.

Those surveyed spanned five New England states, minus Vermont, and weren’t exclusively casino-goers. Of these surveyed, however, more than half, 52 percent, engaged in some form of gambling, be it casino, lotto seats, or betting on sports.

Only A Few Gamblers

The absolute most interesting result for the survey is that of these who visited an area casino, nearly 20 percent did maybe not gamble at all, and were presumably drawn entirely by the shopping or dining offered by the casino. This really is a razor-sharp enhance from simply six years ago whenever a comparable survey unearthed that just 7 percent of casino visitors did not gamble.

Among other findings, it absolutely was found that casino-goers are investing less cash an average of, and travelling less to reach their gaming destination, no doubt a by-product of this struggling U.S. economy.

‘Convenience gamblers don’t care about bells and whistles, they want to relax and play slots and they want to do it close to home,’ said Clyde Barrow, executive director for the UMass center, that is been overseeing the yearly survey on area gambling habits for six years.

That statistic is further exemplified by the Continuar leyendo «Massachusetts Casino Trends Survey Reveals Some Surprises»

Thai Gambling Den Raid Goes Amok. In an effort to quash illegal gambling operations in Thailand

Thai Gambling Den Raid Goes Amok. In an effort to quash illegal gambling operations in Thailand Commander-in-Chief General Adul Snagsingkaew announced a crackdown on gambling dens and other places of ‘vice’ through the country. As a result, significantly more than 200 officers from Metropolitan Police Division 2 recently participated in a Thai gambling den raid performed in the Tao that is infamous Poon in Bangkok. However, the procedure didn’t get quite to prepare as patrons of the venue took umbrage to your raid and decided to defend their straight to gamble.

Police Attacked by Unhappy Gamblers

Local news reports stated that upon the arrival of the original police that is 50-strong, the entry points to the casino were too well-fortified to use, and so the police proceeded to rise onto the roofs regarding the neighboring structures, using ladders to bridge the gaps between the rooftops in a daring bid to gain access to your building. However, during this right component of the operation, law enforcement came under attack from locals who began pelting the authorities with sticks, rocks, bottles, ceiling tiles and basically whatever else the irate locals could throw at them. It was noted that some even used fire extinguishers and scalding warm water in the poor police.

No Haul

The delay caused by the attack on the police meant that after they had finally gained use of the casino via a vent, all they found were nine gambling tables, but no gamblers, employees or cash. Continuar leyendo «Thai Gambling Den Raid Goes Amok. In an effort to quash illegal gambling operations in Thailand»